Online – Skype sessions


I work with women who are struggling to manage their emotions, boundaries and behaviours.

I help women to recover from childhood trauma, neglect and abuse; to heal their emotional wounds and rescue, heal and reparent their inner child, so that they can have a happier calmer future.

My therapeutic coaching and mentoring is tailored to your individual needs, and I sensitively guide you to make the changes needed to improve your personal, family, social and working life – and most importantly to repair the relationship you have with yourself.

We will first have a free 15  minute chat to discuss what you want and how best I can help you. You can book that in from the link below.

If we then agree to work together, our sessions are for a minimum of six hourly sessions – to give us time to cover your current problem(s), and for you to gain more awareness, understanding and workable solutions.

I can offer you a one-off session to look at and discuss a specific current problem you are having – but we will need more time to help you in a wider and deeper way with the root cause of your current difficulty, and to find new ways of dealing with any issues which originally stem from your past experiences – particularly when due to the impact of childhood trauma.

To allow us to work at a much wider and deeper level of personal development (including your sub-personalities and inner child healing) usually takes around 15 sessions.

These can be extended if you want or need more time – or to further explore aspects of your life such as your work/business, relationship or parenting, and to apply and integrate your new learning and skills into your life.

I will facilitate more structure, clarity and focus for you – and sometimes ask you to complete ‘homework’ ahead of the next session, which will save you both time and money.


My fee for working with you online using Skype or Zoom –

£100 for each full hour session


Payment for our online session(s) can be made either by Paypal or by BACS direct bank transfer – prior to the time of our agreed session.

You can arrange a prior FREE 15 MINUTE CLARITY CALL with me – to find out how best I can help you to get your personal and professional life into a state of greater clarity and balance! 



If you prefer to send me an e-mail first then here is a link to my email address  –


PLEASE CLICK HERE  for the terms which you will be agreeing to if you decide to work with me online