I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, inner child healer, toxic parent recovery coach, and therapeutic self-development mentor

I offer personal therapeutic help to women –

and also digital self-help products for all adults

I can help you in person/online if you are a woman who is …

  • Overwhelmed, worried, upset, stuck or confused about something in your personal or working life.
  • Tired of wearing a mask and feeling like a fake – trying to be perfect for other people whilst neglecting your own feelings and needs.
  • In need of sensitive guidance and clear practical steps to developing a better relationship with yourself and others. Perhaps to also improve your professional or business performance and success – and to stop people-pleasing, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination or overthinking from getting in your way.
  • Feeling unhappy – with who you are and how your life has turned out so far. Perhaps you have bad spending, eating or drinking habits, low self-esteem, and a lack of self-care or confidence.
  • Struggling with your relationships – with your partner, friends, family, or with work/business colleagues. Maybe you are having difficulty finding or keeping a loving relationship.
  • Worried that your past history of abuse, trauma or emotional neglect is making you repeat old patterns and attract the wrong people and situations into your life.
  • Concerned about what conditioning and behaviours you have picked up from your parents – that you are now passing on to your own child(ren).
  • Fed up with still being triggered by your old issues with your mother or father – and you want to understand, heal and recover from your toxic parent(s).
  • Aware that your inner child is struggling – and you want to heal her emotional distress, change her negative thinking patterns,  and ‘re-parent’ her – to bring yourself deeper happiness and an end to your inner sense of emptiness.

I offer you more emotional depth than life-coaching, and more focus than counselling or psychotherapy.

My approach is both holistic and integrative – and I combine well-researched methods which have been shown to be the most effective in bringing real and lasting change. (Humanistic, TA, CBT, NLP, Gestalt, Positive Psychology, Family Systems, Attachment & Relational Theory, and Neuroscience).

If you are now ready to stop your past from messing up your future, have more balance and control in your life, feel calmer and happier, create healthy boundaries, have more harmonious and respectful relationships, and be more successful in your career or business – then let’s work together to make this transformation happen for you!

There are two ways for you to do this:-

1. SELF-HELP DOWNLOADABLE PDFs – for only £10 each – to help you to heal your inner child’s emotional wounds; recover from a toxic parent; and support your inner child to help you in your relationship, your workplace and as a parent.

2. WORK WITH ME (women only) – online using SkypeAll sessions are focused and structured to suit your individual needs. We will meet for between one and six sessions for a specific current issue you are having difficulty with; but more usually we would work together for between 12-15 session hours, to enable us to work at a much deeper life-changing level. This includes some guided homework – which will also save you time and money. We can either meet weekly or twice a week – to suit your time-frame and budget.

We may need extra session(s) if you have a long history of unresolved chronic childhood trauma and abuse; or if you also want us to work more specifically on your ongoing relationship, parenting issues, or your working/business life challenges.

My full hourly session fee is £100 – payable before each session by bank transfer or Paypal.

If that seems expensive and too much money to spend on yourself, then compare it to what you might be spending over the months and years on alcohol, cigarettes, expensive restaurants, cosmetic beauty treatments, holidays, or designer label shoes/clothes/handbags – none of which can change you on the inside or improve your future life and happiness.

You would probably be paying more for therapy elsewhere – over a much longer period of time.

Work with Maxine Harley therapeutic self development coach and mentor

WORK WITH ME ONLINE – after we’ve had our initial free 15 minute ‘clarity call’ to discuss what you want and need, and how best I can help you.


My series of self-help guides – to save you time and money by doing the work alone and at your own pace – if you have the commitment to do so.



Any questions? Please e-mail me at maxine@maxineharley.com

Personal therapy sessions with Maxine Harley

With over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist (Masters Degree) working with a very wide range of people and problems I’ve condensed what I’ve learnt over the years into my own new and very effective methods to improve psychological, emotional and physical well-being.

I specialise in helping women to heal and transcend their emotional wounds, recover from a troubled childhood and toxic parents, learn how to re-parent their inner child and to make peace with their past.

This enables and empowers them to become better people, parents, partners and professionals –  and all round happier calmer people.

I am particularly interested in the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and childhood trauma – and how these can be the deep-seated reasons for the problems in our adult lives.

You can learn how to *S.E.L.E.C.T.Your Life (c)

* S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life is my process of helping you get to where you want to be and to have the life you want and deserve – the life of your own making and not just the one that’s been handed down to you.

Self Awareness


Learning New Skills

Emotional Intelligence & Balance

Control & Clarity




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