I can help you to feel better if you’re a woman who’s either …

  • Overwhelmed, worried, upset, stuck or confused about something – whether at work or in your personal life. Let’s get to the bottom of it!
  • Tired of wearing a mask – constantly trying to please other people, whilst neglecting your own feelings and needs
  • Feeling unhappy with yourself – the way you look, your eating habits, how you behave, and feeling deep down that somehow you aren’t ‘good enough’
  • Struggling with your relationships – with your partner, friends, family or at work. Maybe you’re having difficulty finding or keeping a relationship and you feel lonely and sad about that
  • Worried that your past, perhaps your childhood abuse or neglect, is making you repeat old patterns and get the same bad results – attracting the wrong people and situations into your life
  • Concerned about what conditioning and behaviours you’ve picked up from your parents, that you’re now passing on to your own child(ren)
  • Fed up with still being ‘tripped up’ by your old issues with your mother or father – and you want to get to the bottom of it all, and heal and recover from your TOXIC PARENT(S) 
  • Finally realising that you need to ‘sort yourself out’ first – in the ways you think, feel and behave – before your home and work life can become more balanced, happier and calmer. Self awareness is the first step!


These are all signs of a distressed ‘Inner Child’ who’s struggling and really needs some help, to feel stronger, more courageous, authentic and empowered – whether at home, at work or in any of your relationships. 

I work with the underlying causes of your difficulties and not just the effects and consequences – and this brings you deep and lasting change.


Maxine Harley MSc Pscyhotherapy
“Amazing lady! I can’t put into words how much she’s helped me, go to her and you’ll leave stronger, happier and far more capable. She can literally turn your mental health around!!” (Kirsty P )


I can help you to feel happier, calmer and more in control of your life.

You can choose how – from the following options:-

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1. FREE RESOURCES PAGE – e-booklets, videos, articles, quotes/pinterest, blog posts.

2. TEN ONLINE SELF-HELP WORKSHOPS – for anxiety, depression, anger, stress, self-esteem and confidence, mindful CBT, weight management, happiness, understanding yourself and relationships. Suitable for men too!

3. FIVE SELF-HELP COURSES Suitable for men too!

4. SPEAK WITH ME BY ‘PHONE OR SKYPE – half hour or one hour sessions

5. WORK WITH ME IN PERSON – 2 hour sessions


(A) In a small group of business women in CHICHESTER & CENTRAL LONDON & BRIGHTON

(B) One-to-one in person with me, or by Skype/’phone 

7.  EXECUTIVE LEVEL MENTORING called MINDING THE GAP – for enhanced workplace performance.


9. THERAPEUTIC COACHING PROGRAMMES for help with a troubled childhood and toxic parents




Click here to get my free e-booklets and video plus blogs, articles and quotes – to help you to better understand how your childhood has shaped your present day life… and what you can do about it to give yourself, your own children, your relationships and your business/working life a much brighter future!



Helping you to help yourself to be free from the restrictions of your own mind. Help with anxiety, depression, anger, stress, self-esteem and confidence, weight management, mindful CBT, happiness strategies, understanding yourself and relationships.

Seven of these ten workshops also have four audio recordings included.

All workshops are only £27 each – less than the cost of one counselling session! 

Save yourself months of needless and expensive therapy!



Self help online workshops by Maxine Harley

The 10 online workshops of ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process by Maxine Harley



These short self-help online courses are ideal if you want to go deeper by yourself.

 You will learn how to ‘sort out’ yourself, your relationship, your sexual intimacy, your parenting and your business – without the time and expense of counselling therapy or coaching!

You work at your own pace and you’ll have my guidance and audio recordings along the way. Each online course can be completed over a few days – and costs much less than one therapy session!(only £37!)

I’ll help you to understand who you are, and how your past has been shaping your present day life…. and what you can do about that! You’ll be shown how to make the changes you want in all areas of your life.

(See below * to find out whether these self-help courses might not be the best option for you)

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online self-help courses



What's On Your Mind - Skype Calls

4. Speak with me by Skype or ‘phone for either half an hour, or an hour. Ideal if you want a one-off session to talk through a particular problem that you’re struggling with.

These calls can also be ongoing (as agreed between us) for your self development and/or professional mentoring/coaching.

(Booking system is available when you click on the image)

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Sort Your Head Out In Person Consultations5. Your 2 Hour IN PERSON Therapeutic Mentoring/Coaching Consultation – This option is ideal as a ‘one-off’ session – if you’re feeling stuck, emotionally overwhelmed or confused with what’s happening in your life. We will have time to explore what’s going on, and to find the possible solutions for you.
These in-person sessions are also great for your ongoing personal and professional development mentoring/coaching; as well as for deeper therapeutic coaching covering the content of my two toxic parent recovery programmes (see #7 below).
seld development, business and transformational mentoring
Unique personal and professional development and mentoring for women called MINDING YOUR BUSINESS either:

6. (A) In a small group of women – meeting in CHICHESTER Find out more  & LONDON Find out more here  & BRIGHTON – Find out more here

6. (B) In person with me 2 hour face to face session , or nationally/internationally by Skype/’phone sessions  Find Out More…

 7. MINDING THE GAP – Executive level transformational mentoring and coaching for women employed in public and private companies and government departments. Find out more here…

8. MIND MASTERY –  I also offer exclusive and bespoke one-to-one V.I.P. level therapeutic mentoring/coaching  Discover more here 


recover from your mother


Do you need to regain and sustain your courage and composure when dealing with your toxic mother? Whether she’s still in your life or not you’ll have internalised your relationship with her – and that will be getting in the way of your other relationships and peace of mind.

A step by step 8 module programme that takes your from frazzled to focused, from chaotic to calm – with my expert help along the way.

Find out more here…



Does your father still overshadow your life – even if he’s not around? A toxic father leaves a heavy shadow that affects your happiness and all of your relationships.

If you want to be free of your ‘father issues’ then this 8 module step-by-step programme will take you there, with my expert help along the way.

Find out more here…



Contact me NOW if you’re interested in either of these uniquely life-transforming coaching programmes.

My unique 8 module/12 week programmes will help you to radically change your relationship with your toxic mother or father.

Gain courage, confidence, clarity, control and inner calm from these transformational coaching programmes – with Skype/’phone calls with me along the way.

**** If you want to work through either of these two life-changing programmes in person with me, we can arrange to meet in 2 or 4 hour sessions to work through the eight modules together.

To discuss this special option please arrange a FREE call with me (below), or e-mail me at maxine@maxineharley.com


Therapeutic Retreats10. Therapeutic Sanctuary/RetreatsYou can find out more about the unique retreats I have on offer.
Recover From Your Mother – To be announced for 2016
S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life – To Be Announced for 2016

You can register your interest by e-mailing me maxine@maxineharley.com


Any questions? Please e-mail me at maxine@maxineharley.com and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

You can find out more about me here

Maxine Harley

Maxine Harley
MSc Psychotherapy

With 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist (Masters Degree) working with a very wide range of people and problems I’ve condensed what I’ve learnt over the years into my own new and very effective methods to improve psychological, emotional and physical well-being. 

I specialise in helping women to heal and transcend their emotional wounds, re-parent their inner child and make peace with their past.

This enables and empowers them to become better parents, partners and professionals… and all round happier calmer people.

I am particularly interested in the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and childhood trauma – and how these can be the deep-seated reasons for the problems in our adult lives. If this resonates with you then I’ve created some free e-books, blogs, articles and videos on the FREE RESOURCES page of this website – which will help you to take that important step towards healing your emotional wounds and making peace with your past – so that you can enjoy peace of mind and a brighter future.

I can help you to sort out your life – or those parts that haven’t been working well for you. You can find out just how much ‘sorting out’ you personally have to do by downloading my free questionnaire (see top right in the header bar to get your free copy).

You too can learn how to *S.E.L.E.C.T.Your Life (c) 

* S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life is my process of helping you get to where you want to be and to have the life you want and deserve – the life of your own making and not just the one that’s been handed down to you.

Self Awareness – Education – Learning New Skills – Emotional Intelligence & Balance – Control & Clarity – Transformation.

Change is always possible when you follow the right steps… let me guide you to take those steps.

  • If you are suffering with suicidal thoughts, serious self-harm, a personality disorder, or chronic mental health problems, then the emotional containment of one-to-one psychotherapy will be better suited to your needs than these self-help E-courses. 

I am guided by the professional standards and ethics of the AICTP, UKCP, BACP & NCS

www.aictp.org.uk   www.ukcp.org.uk   www.bacp.co.uk  www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org